Using your local version of the Humpback Generator

  • Clone the generator-humpback repository directly or fork the project and then clone it into your local environment.
  • Located over the generator-humpback root path execute:
npm install
  • Do all the changes that you need over the Humpback Generator.
  • On same path, execute the following command to link your local generator version with npm global package registry:
npm link
  • Now, you are able to use your local version of the generator-humpback, to use it just execute following yo command:
yo humpback

It should build a new project with the changes that you introduced to the generator.

If you want to remove the link to your local version of the generator-humpback, you just need to execute the following command into the generator-humpback root path:

npm unlink


If you think that your changes to the Humpback generator would help other people or improve any existing process: PLEASE send a pull request with your changes.