Using a different installation profile

Humpback by default creates an installation profile specific for the generated project, that profile is stored in profiles folder and its content is symlinked to the folder web/profiles/custom. This profile is used by default to install the site. If you want to override this behavior and use a different install profile (custom or contrib), you'll need to place that profile in the right folder (profiles/custom) or you can add it to the project using composer require and ensuring it gets placed under web/profiles/contrib and then make some small changes to ensure that profile gets used:

  • Remove all config files under config/sync to ensure profile config is used
  • Change install profile on .ahoy/site.ahoy around line 58:
ahoy drush site-install <profile_name> --account-pass=admin -y
  • Change install profile on settings/settings.php around line 41:
$settings['install_profile'] = <profile_name>;
  • Change install profile in circleci build job install command around line 46 ../vendor/bin/drush si <profile_name> (it's twice in the same line)
  • Change install profile in circleci deploy job install command around line 120:
terminus drush <profile_name>.dev -- si <profile_name> --account-pass=admin -y

And that's all!

By doing this, once you run ahoy site install command, your desired profile will be used and then you'll be able to export the config and continue using your project as you'd normally do.